it's OK for them to change, but God forbid ya buy a box of Wheaties…

Oldest, the keeper of tradition, the enforcer of the old order, has returned from college for the summer.  He stands stands in front of the pantry, staring at our cereal choices.  He is displeased with the state of the offerings.

"Why do we have Wheaties?" he asks, his question tinged with outrage. "We never have Wheaties."

My silence was clearly not the response he was looking for so he took his outrage up a notch.

"Whose cracked-out idea was it to buy Wheaties?"

He grabs the box and heads to the fridge for the milk.  As he opens the door, he adds bitterly, "those Organic Grape Nuts are no good either."


10 thoughts on “it's OK for them to change, but God forbid ya buy a box of Wheaties…

  1. We totally had a cereal crisis at our house yesterday. My O said he’d like Life and when I poured the bowl, added the milk and delivered it, he said, “Hey, I wanted Frosted Mini-Wheats.” And I said, “Hey, and I want a fourth grader who gets his own damn cereal.” I’m not proud of my response but I do look forward to a day when they are responsible for their own sustenance and I’m not being bitched at so early in the morning.
    Organic grape nuts do sound gross.

  2. cce, I think you should be very proud of that response – especially early in the morning.
    magpie, he’s not really ungrateful, just a traditionalist at heart.
    He’ll be glad to know he has support in the Organic-Grape-Nuts-are-an-abomination department…

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