in which Oldest is outraged…again.

When Oldest returned from his job as a camp counselor to four and five-year-olds (“They are not human beings. They are CREATURES!”) he found me smashing bananas and shredding bittersweet chocolate.

“What are you making?”

Chocolate Banana Bread to send to Youngest.  I need to get it to him before his cabin leaves for their two week trip on the Allagash.

“What?  You are making him banana bread?  You’ve never sent me any home-baked goods!”

I didn’t say anything right away. I was too busy creating a long mental list of all the many care packages I have sent that boy’s way.  But of course he is right.  For some reason, the prospect of my son spending weeks at camp in Maine seems to lend itself to the creation of home made sweets while months in college send me shopping for specialty salamis, Sees candy and clothing.

Never think your children are not keeping score.  Not for one minute.


13 thoughts on “in which Oldest is outraged…again.

  1. First the Wheaties and now this
    I just don’t know what to say. I hope you haven’t changed brands of fabric softener or made cookies for anyone lately.
    Poor Oldest. I’m an oldest. It’s difficult to grow up. :/

  2. I’ve been hearing the tally of the scores of the past 6 years since Miss Jessica has moved in with us. She’s been here a month now.
    You’re right. They don’t miss anything.

  3. Reason # 764 why I’m glad I have ONE child.
    He does, however, have a running tally of our crimes against him. Don’t think he doesn’t.

  4. When my Oldest pulls one of those I look him right in the eye and say: you’re right – I guess that means I love him more.
    I’m the Oldest and I remember keeping score.

  5. It’s a brain thing. Now that #2 daughter (16) has her drivers’ license, we have the car thing going on here. Each feels that the car is owed her. the difference is that #1 KNOWS it is owed to her. She will complain that there is nothing to eat, and then rejects any suggestions: “I’ll find my own food!” It’s just brain development (repeat this 10 times).

  6. Interesting twist on sibling competition: I recently watched my friend’s boys (13 and 10) use “two against one” against my friend, their mom. Hmmm. I have to admit I use “because you are an only child, you get more” as a guilt ploy with X on occasion, implying (not very subtly) a lack of competition. Shame on me.

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