The Last First Day

An email from Oldest arrived in my inbox today…

Subject:  Last First Day of School
Last First Day

What does it take to get a boy who grows up to be a man ( a Senior in college!) that is this sweet?

I really can't tell you.

All I know is that, if you are very lucky,  there comes a moment when all the long days of loving, worrying, fussing, stroking, laughing, yelling, tickling, scolding, tousling, hugging and singing, the long days of talking and listening, of holding on and letting go, they all find their way back to you and slip, an unexpected guest who knows and loves you back, inside your heart. 

And… he has to have looked like on the First First Day…
First First Day

6 thoughts on “The Last First Day

  1. Aha! You’re back. I wasn’t paying attention. Ruminating on the jump fro 4 months to five and a half with dudelet the other day seemed dizzying enough but the prospect of this thoroughly does my head in…I’ll have to make sure I take good care of our own First First Day picture

  2. They do grow up. Your last few posts reminded me of my own tears a few years back, for two daughters who chose to stay in Texas to finish school. Everything reminded me of them and I spent a good year in tears!
    And now?
    The roles are reversed somewhat. I have a busy well-adjusted 23-year old who phones regularly to chat and check up on me. And the oldest–the city-girl daughter has returned to school and is living with me! When she arrives home late in the evening, her first words are generally “What did you eat today, Mama?”
    And while you miss your sons, I know you must also be so very proud. What greater gift could a mother have than to witness a child taking responsibility for their own life?

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