Who knew?

I was snooping around for the source of “Many hands make light work” to use on 5 for Fairness and, lo and behold, landed on John Heywood’s Wickipedia page. As Middle said when he was about three and a half and was informed that someone dressed up in a very unfamiliar  costume was called Woody Woodpecker,

“Woody Woodpecker?  Never heard of him.”

John Heywood?  Never heard of him.

My bad.

* What you have, hold.
* Haste maketh waste. (1546)
* Out of sight out of minde. (1542)
* When the sun shineth, make hay. (1546)
* Look ere ye leap. (1546)
* Two heads are better than one. (1546)
* Love me, love my dog. (1546)
* Beggars should be no choosers. (1546)
* All is well that ends well. (1546)
* The fat is in the fire. (1546)
* I know on which side my bread is buttered. (1546)
* One good turn asketh another. (1546)
* A penny for your thought. (1546)
* Rome was not built in one day. (1546)
* Better late than never. (1546)
* An ill wind that bloweth no man to good. (1546)
* The more the merrier. (1546)
* You cannot see the wood for the trees. (1546)
* This hitteth the nail on the head. (1546)
* No man ought to look a given horse in the mouth. (1546)
* Tread a woorme on the tayle and it must turne agayne. (1546)
* Many hands make light work. (1546)
* Wolde ye bothe eate your cake and haue your cake? (1562)

Incredible, right?

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