I LUV Obama-care!

Just got a notice from Anthem Blue Cross – my personal health insurance provider –  and these are the changes to my health care due to health care reform.

Elimination of lifetime dollar limits or maximums.

So now, if I get sick, they can’t say, “Gee, we didn’t expect to have to pay THAT much!”

Dependent coverage up to age 26

Oldest can be covered again.  Whew.

Limitations on Rescission

They have to have a really good reason (like me committing actual fraud) to take away my coverage. It’s not enough anymore for me to get sick and – God forbid – actually need the services I have been paying for all these years and then have them go find some honest mistake on my application from 10 years ago and tell me they are taking away my coverage.

New patient protection provisions

I no longer to need to get preauthorization to use emergency services.  Which is good because, you know, I’d be using emergency services IN AN EMERGENCY and might not have time to call for preauthorization because I’m DEALING WITH AN EMERGENCY.

So, I ask you….

Do these not seem like things that Anthem Blue Cross should have been doing for years?  I mean, seriously, they had to be forced to behave like good corporate citizens?

To paraphrase Youngest, “I LUV Obama-care!”


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