to facebook or not to facebook…

For any parents out there looking to have a conversation with your kids about how to reduce the risks associated (some serious, some of the does-anyone-need-that-sort-of-high-school-drama? variety), this is a great place to start. After reading it, I a)sent it to all three boys and b)started to delete all the posts on my facebook wall (I stopped after three pages worth. Seriously, how many ARE there?).

It made me realize that I get absolutely nothing out of facebook and always feel slightly grimy after visiting it.  I think that’s because, to me, it seems fundamentally powered by voyeurism.  In fact, the exercise got me so fired up that I started to deactivate my page and would have, too, if it didn’t mean that the 5 for Fairness page would be deactivated too.  If I have to stay on facebook for it, do you think you could see your way to liking it?

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