It’s not that I don’t love you but I have been cheating on you.

I have good reason, though, and hope you’ll understand.

Missive from another world…

I am usually ruthless about unsubscribing from email lists but something is stopping me today.  I don’t know quite what to do with the following, which landed in my inbox this morning:

From: RECENT PATENTS ON REGENERATIVE MEDICINE (yes, you read that right)

July 6, 2010 (how long has this been bouncing around cyberspace, anyway?)

Dr. A. McDonnell (hey, they think I’m a DOCTOR!)
United States

Dear Dr. McDonnell,

Bentham Science is a leading international publisher of high quality scientific journals. Many journals are leaders in their field, e.g. Current Molecular Medicine (Impact Factor 5.254), Current Medicinal Chemistry (Impact Factor 4.823), Current Pharmaceutical Design (Impact Factor 4.399), Recent Patents on Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery (Impact Factor 1.796)…

(Okaaaay.  Good to know.)

We are publishing a series of exciting review journals on patents in different scientific disciplines. A new important and innovative journal is planned to be launched in January 2011, entitled Recent Patents on Regenerative Medicine. Please visit the journal‘s website at http://www.benthameditorial.org/rpgm

(Um, somehow I don’t think I’ll be bookmarking that anytime soon.)

This journal will publish review articles written by experts in the field summarizing recent patents on stem cells, gene therapy, tissue engineering, and cell/tissue/organ regeneration.

If you would like to submit a review article to the journal on an important patent area in regenerative medicine, kindly provide us the title of your proposed article and a tentative date of submission at editorial@rprm.org.

(I added the italics in case you had nodded off.  Let’s see…Me?  Submit a review article?  Oh, right, I have a vague memory of leaving a new review article on tissue engineering somewhere on my desk.)

I will spare you the rest of the missive, except to say it concludes with both…

Best regards,



Ms. K. Zaman, PhD
Executive Editor Recent Patents Journals

Should you not want to receive any further emails, then please click here . Please also provide any other email address that you might be using to ensure that you do not receive any further emails].


How, you might ask, did they ever get the idea that I am an expert in anything related to stem cells, gene therapy, tissue engineering, and cell/tissue/organ regeneration?  Well, a while back I wrote this in a fit of outrage and ever since have been on the receiving end of hilarious emails like this one.

Who knew that by musing about about a voluptuous artifact from an ancient world, I would be given honorary membership in a contemporary one I didn’t even know existed.

There is something kind of wonderful (is that the title of a John Hughes movie?) about the flow of connections from the opaque and distant past to the equally opaque but utterly present moment.  From this gorgeous woman…

To Ms. K. Zaman, PhD, Executive Editor Recent Patents Journals…

To little ole me, Dr. A. McDonnell.

So today I am going to stray from my strict “Click-the-Unsubscribe-Link-Whenever-Possible” policy and allow, no invite, any and all missives from other worlds.

You spend their childhood’s giving and giving and giving and then…

...they give right back.

Thanks, Middle…

How you know they know you back…

From: Middle
Subject: Tree is in

Things are different now you’re gone…

On the other side…

If I had to make a list of my many New Year’s Resolutions, I would a)not remember very many of them though I make them every year and b)not think many were worth repeating.  Near the top of my list of all time favorites, however, would be “tolerate complexity.”  That was an excellent year.

Now  Eric Berlow goes one step further and suggests that if we don’t just tolerate complexity, but actually embrace it, we may find that simplicity is on the other side.

I think that may well by my definition of a dream come true.



Click, sign and be counted…

Remember when I was raving about health care reform the other day?  If you feel the same way, please head on over and sign this petition from MomsRising,org telling Congress to…”Keep America moving forward implementing health care reform. We’ve come too far to go back to the bad old days when insurers could drop us (or our children) just when we got sick, exclude our children from coverage because they have pre- existing conditions, or put lifetime caps on our health care coverage.”

Those of us who have already benefited from health care reform – or know others who have – really need to stand up and be counted or click, sign and be counted, as the case may be.


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